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The Wold Wide Web: a play for radio or soudtrack for animation
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The Wold Wide Web is directed by Simone Vause
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Sound design for the Wold Wide Web is by Milosh Drndarevic
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The Wold Wide Web was originally conceived as a 45-minute afternoon play for radio. Arac (Clive Ward), a radio-loving house spider, is flushed out of House through a bathroom plug-hole and finds himself in the strange surroundings of The Wide Wold, where he is befriended by Nid (Martin Cort), an ostensibly friendly garden spider with an in-depth knowledge of natural history.  The Wold Wide Web recounts their adventures together and Arac's encounters with other spiders: Ling, a boy spider and Mimi, a female spider (both played by Camilla Mathias). 

The filmic quality of The Wold Wide Web became apparent at the first reading by Actors & Writers London in 2002, by Mike Goodenough, Andrew Heart and Rosalind Adler

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The 2010 reading was occasioned by sound designer Milosh Drndarevic, who had produced Paddy Gormley's short radio play 321 Bang a few years previously. Milosh Drndarevic wished to produce The Wold Wide Web as one of the final projects in his MA at the University of Westminster.  The excerpts in the audio player below are taken from the live audience recording (with basic soundscape) at Actors & Writers London in June 2010, directed by Simone Vause, with the help of sound engineer Chaitanya Modha

Milosh Drndarevic recorded the actors' voices in the studio a few days later (pictures below), and completed the project, with a wonderful soundscape, iin 2011. 

Milosh Drndarevic and Paddy Gormley welcome all enquiries from radio broadcasters, animators and film producers who may be interested in becoming partners in the further development of the project. All enquiries to Paddy Gormley

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